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Test Page for Ad-Valorem 

Ad-Valorem Fire District Assessment Information Page

Important things to know about your fire assessment:
☑️ The fire assessment is the District's primary source of revenue.
☑️ The North River Fire District receives no funds from county taxes.

Under this simplified fire methodology, property owners pay an annual assessment not exceeding $181.43 per parcel plus $1.05 per $1,000 of the value of improvements on a parcel of land. Pursuant to FL Statute 191.009, Non-ad valorem assessment rates set by the board may exceed the maximum rates established by the previous year’s resolution or referendum in an amount not to exceed the average annual growth rate in Florida personal income over the previous 5 years.

FY 2023-24 Non-Ad Valorem Assessment Information: Added to the Sub-Total of the Simplified Method will be: (i) $5 per tax notice to defray District notice, administrative, and implementation costs; (ii) $1.45 per tax notice charged by the Lee County Tax Collector; plus (iii) adjustment (4%) to account for early-payment statutory discounts involved with the uniform method of collection.

Curtilage Exemption (known as the Adjoining Lot Exemption) Update:
Property owners who currently receive a curtilage exemption no longer need to re-file annually for the exemption. 
Current curtilage exemption recipients will continue to receive the exemption on their qualifying parcels, grandfathered in for a period of years, or until an exempt parcel is transferred to a purchaser for value, or the exemption is discontinued altogether. An explanation for this change is outlined in the 2023-2024 Non-Ad Valorem Assessment Resolution, Section 3.06 (8). The resolution is posted at the bottom of this page. 

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