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Marine Response

FB 516

In February 2021, we placed our new Fireboat, FB 516, into service.  FB 516 is unique to our area, a 28' landing craft with a 74" wide landing bow door.  The design allows Fire, and ALS response to areas should bridges ever be damaged during natural disasters.

Photos from Sea Trials, Jan. 2020 in Puget Sound off the coast of Burlington, WA with Munson Boats

North River Fire District's area of responsibility consists of 141 miles of coastline. 
Mutual Aid is provided to the neighboring counties and to statewide responses when requested.

map of coastline

One will find the crew working under the red dome lights inside the wheelhouse at night.  A bright white light creates glare and interferes with nighttime vision.  The red lighting prevents distractions and improves nighttime visibility.

The lights under the boat are available in different colors.  These lights are as functional as they are pleasant to look at while underway at night.  The lights are tools that assist with search and rescue and help with situational awareness in shallow waters.

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