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Technical Rescue

TRT #636 

Composed of
City of Bradenton &
North River Fire District

TRT 636 logo

The public often asks, what is TRT 636, and what do you train for?

TRT is Technical Rescue Team
A TRT is a voluntary special operations team a firefighter may join.  Individuals on a TRT undertake extensive specialized training for FLUSAR.  This training allows them to respond to the most complex emergencies.  Some calls have been semi-trucks hanging off of a bridge, intricate vehicle accidents, entrapments, vehicles submerged in waterways, workers trapped atop water towers, crane operator rescues, high-rise building occupant rescues, collapsed buildings, trench rescues, and more.


FLUSAR is FL Urban Search And Rescue and consists of a multitude of specialities such as:

  • structural collapse

  • vehicle and machinery extrication

  • confined-space rescue

  • trench rescue

  • high-angle rope rescue

  • swiftwater rescue


A Common Misconception:  "Why do we need a swiftwater response when we don't have a risk of a dam break or rapid flowing rivers in our community?"

TRT 636 responds to more calls after summer thunderstorms than we have for hurricane response in our area.  Throughout the past years, some of our mobile home communities have experienced severe flooding requiring house-to-house wellness checks by inflatable boat of each residence.  During such a time, if emergency care is needed, these inflatable boats can transport patients to waiting vehicles clear of floodwaters.  Other calls due to thunderstorms have involved this team responding after straightline winds or tornadic events ripping roofs off of structures.

The photos below are from a FLUSAR Water Search & Rescue - Swiftwater Rescue Class 

Submerged Automobile Prop


Rope Ops Training


The photos below are from a training class held at North River


The photos below are from a training class held at North River