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Fire Alarm Systems
  • Radio Bi-Directional Amplifier "BDA" systems are permitted through Manatee County Radio Division and NOT through the Fire Marshal's Office.

  • Do not connect the BDA system to the fire alarm panel (lightning issue), use separate monitoring source.  

  • NO DUCT smoke detectors.  Use HVAC relay shunt trips on general alarms only in order to reset with fire alarm system.

  • NO PHONE lines to fire alarm panel (lightning issue), use cell dialer or radio for monitoring.

  • NO TAMPER to fire backflow as copper underground poses a lightning issue.

  • Pulls must be double-action with protective covers.  Add covers with sounders if risk of children tampering is present.

  • Document box required

  • Add KNOX BOX to the location identified by Fire Marshal or staff.

  • Waterproof EXTERIOR STROBE above OR near Knox Box with NO HORN.

  • Breakrooms require HEAT detectors, NO SMOKES.

  • Minimal smoke detectors in air-conditioned spaces.

  • Fire Alarm Annunciator at firefighter entrance, which will be entry door nearest Knox Box & Waterproof Strobe.

  • SPRINKLER BELL not required for monitored fire alarm system.

  • FLOW / TAMPER on sprinkler riser.

Fire Sprinkler System
  • ESFR (Early Suppression, Fast Response) ceiling mounted sprinklers can be used in warehouses in place of in-rack fire sprinkler systems contingent on the use of wire rack shelving (storage bin shelving is not permitted)

  • Multi-family apartments buildings will require lanai/balcony sidewall sprinkler protection (Hotels are not required to have this requirement due to NO SMOKING/COOKING policies)

  • 200 PSI for 2 HOURs acceptance test required (existing systems - 50 PSI over static pressure for 2 HOURS)

  • NFPA 13, 13 R, 13 D sprinkler system for new construction and renovations require a permit

Fire Pump System
  • Shop drawings must match installation

  • Manufacturer's specifications or cut sheets for all equipment to be installed

  • Hydraulic calculations and pump curve

  • Include address and legal description of project, with owner's details and contractor info

  • Plan of use, square footage and area involved listed

  • 2 Hour 200 PSI pressure test on all piping prior to final pump test

  • Work must be performed by the contractor indicated on the permit

  • Final acceptance test by a representative of the pump manufacturer, controller, and transfer switch with the fire department

Fire Underground
UG 1.png
UG 3.png
pre cast thrust blocks.jpg
  1. Protect restraints, bolts, and stainless steel riser with plastic sheeting prior to all cement work

  2. Use blue fluorocarbon (PTFE) coated bolts & nuts = NO TARRING is required with non-corroding hardware

  3. Remote FDC:  Add minimum of 500 pounds cement for thrust blocking

  4. 90° stainless steel in building riser:  Add minimum 300 pounds of cement for thrust blocking

  5. 90° bends:  Add minimum 300 pounds of cement for thrust blocking

  6. Tracer wire: THROUGHOUT

  7. 200# 2 hour pressure test and full bore flush at final 

  8. Burial tape required

  9. Remote FDC at final grade will require 18" x 18" cement pad (8" thick) WITH hole for U-channel signpost and tracer wire cap

  10. Pre-cast concrete thrust blocks allowed

Fire Standpipe System
  • Add pressure reducer valves if fire pump is providing PSI

  • Add ONLY class I 2.5" hose valves with brass reducer caps (2.5" - 1.5")

  • Label exterior stairwell doors with the word "STANDPIPE" in red lettering

  • Hose valves are on separate riser from sprinkler system unless approved by fire department

Fire Access Electronic Gates (Road and Pool)
POOL GATE entry KNOX (002).jpg
Pool Sign.5 (002).jpg
E gate from driveway.jpg
  • Plans must include emergency access remote control system (gate opener receiver & handheld gate openers / clickers) per Manatee County Ordinance AND Knox gate switch for fire apparatus as a back-up system

  • No solar powered gates allowed

  • Add KNOX GATE SWITCH #3502 to allow for fire department operation of gate

  • Provide county / city permit application number if new gate


For Pedestrian Gate (Community Pools, Parks, Nature Preserves or other public areas)

  • Add KNOX GATE SWITCH #3502 

  • Verify location in person with Fire Marshal or staff prior to install

  • For POOL areas please add signage similar to photo provided

To order from Knox Select Florida then NORTH RIVER FIRE DISTRICT

Fire Hydrants


  • Blue Reflective Tape on Collar

  • Solid Yellow

  • Annual Inspection Tag

Ground Markers for fdc and hydrant.jpg

  Blue Pavement Marker for Hydrant                           Red Pavement Marker for FDC

  • Follow the latest edition of the FFPC, NFPA 14

  • Add pressure reducer valves if fire pump is providing PSI

  • Add ONLY class I 2.5" hose valves with brass reducer caps (2.5" - 1.5")

  • Label exterior stairwell doors with the word "STANDPIPE" in red lettering

  • Hose valves are on separate riser from sprinkler system unless approved by fire department


  • Sign with Address

  • Painted Red 

  • No Rust

  • Cap in Place

Radio BDA Rough-In
  • Follow the City of Palmetto or Manatee County Building permit requirements and inspections

  • An independent grid testing contractor must follow a "failed" grid test by the radio BDA seller/installer to protect the building owner from fraudulent tests

  • A permit from NRFD is for ROUGH-IN SYSTEM ONLY:  chase pipe 2" grey conduit or 2" blue smurf flex pipe, 12" x 12" NEMA 4 rated boxes, and the wall boxes for annunciators

  • No connection between the radio BDA panel and the FACP (lightning hazard for FACP) 

  • Monitor radio BDA separately from FACP

  • Elevator shafts and stairwells are NOT approved paths for radio BDA chase

  • Final approval GIVEN by Manatee County Radio Manager Ed Cittadino or 848-992-6220 

Addressing and Building Labels
address 2.JPG
building labels.JPG
building labels 2.JPG
sign address.jpg
  • Contrasting Colors 

  • Facility address

  • 10" minimum for major highways, prefer reflective material

  • Identify buildings for emergency personnel to easily locate and train employees to give building identification when calling for assistance. 

  • Discuss specifics with Plans Reviewer as there are many options.

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