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Ad Valorem

Important things to know about your fire assessment:
☑️ The fire assessment is the District's primary source of revenue.
☑️ The North River Fire District receives no funds from county taxes.


Non-ad valorem assessment rates set by the board may exceed the maximum rates established by the previous year’s resolution or referendum in an amount not to exceed the average annual growth rate in Florida personal income over the previous 5 years. 

Please visit the Manatee County Tax Collector website for your official property tax information.


Contact Information

1225 14th Ave. W.
Palmetto, FL 34221


Manatee County Fire Districts

Single Family Home Rate Comparison for 2023

A home with the same taxable value and the same size in each district pays:

 Valued at $282,924 with 3,302 square feet

                                                                              Non-Ad Valorem                Ad Valorem              Total

Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District                      $362.84             +          $341.23     =       $704.06

Cedar Hammock Fire Rescue District                         $252.69             +          $367.80     =       $620.49

West Manatee Fire District                                          $514.22             +          n/a             =       $514.22

East Manatee Fire District                                           $231.26             +          $240.48     =       $471.74

Parrish Fire District                                                      $311.62             +          n/a             =       $311.62

Duette Volunteer Fire District                                       $265.71             +          n/a             =       $265.71

North River Fire District                                               $228.85             +          n/a             =       $228.85

Millage Calculator

Please use the millage tax calculator to determine the ad-valorem amount for a parcel. 

The calculator will calculate the millage at three of the possible amounts: one mill (1), one-half mill (.5), and three-quarters of a mill (.75). The maximum millage limitation is one mill or $1 per every $1,000 of taxable value.  

The calculator shows the 2023 fire assessment for the parcel.

The total amount shows the proposed ad-valorem amount based on 2023 taxable values plus the current amount based on the 2023 fire assessment.

If you have any questions or need assistance using the calculator, please submit the contact form, and we will help you.  The calculator does not contain information for parcels exempt by Section 119.071 of Florida Statutes.  


Supporting Documents

Resolution 2024-01

5 Year Strategic Plan

Service Coverage Map

Precinct Map

North River Fire District Boundary Map

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